4 Wheel Alignment


Supertracker Example


We at Wheels UK offer a Professional Wheel Alignment Service using the SuperTracker Computer Four Wheel Laser Aligner.

Most of our customers are recommendations, we truly care, your car will drive so much more responsive, you will benefit from increased fuel economy and your tyres will perform and last far longer

Wheel Alignment is the general description given to the service required to check and correct the many mechanical devices which go together to form the vehicles Steering and Suspension System.

Toe-in or Positive Toe causes your tyres to wear excessively on the outside edges.

Toe-out or Negative Toe causes your tyres to wear excessively on the inside edges.

If only the front wheels are aligned (commonly known as a ‘Tracking’, ‘Two Wheel Alignment’ ), and the rear wheels remain out of alignment, your car could still suffer from increased tyre wear, reduced economy and handling issues.

It’s easy to detect if your car wheels are out of alignment :

UNEVEN TYRE WEAR – The easiest way to detect uneven tyre wear is to run your hands over the surface of the tyre, pay particular attention to the inner edge You’ll soon feel where the rubber has worn excessively, on the inside or outside edges. If a tyre has bad inner edge wear it is towing out too much (Warning: Be careful, in extreme cases of excessive wear fine wire may be protruding from the rubber). Eventually, the tyre can split, deflate and more

THE CAR PULLS TO THE LEFT OR RIGHT – When driving along a straight flat road and you either need to compensate through the steering to keep the car driving straight or the car drifts to the left / right under braking.

THE STEERING WHEEL IS CROOKED – The steering wheel is not straight, even when driving straight.

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